August 25, 2021

How We Are Supporting #WeThe15 as a Disability Focused Nonprofit.

We are proud to support the Paralympics new campaign, WeThe15!


What is #WeThe15? WeThe15 is a global campaign, launched last week by the Paralympics, fighting to end discrimination against the world's 1.2 billion persons with disabilities - 15% of the global population! 


"#WeThe15 is sport’s largest ever human rights campaign and aims to transform the lives of the one billion people globally who have a disability1 . #WeThe15 is the biggest coalition ever of international organisations from the world of sport, human rights, policy, and business to initiate change for the planet’s largest marginalised group."


That's something we are proud to advocate for! In fact, everyday  at ALTSO we are fighting for a more equitable, inclusive, and accessible tomorrow for our CoolKids and all persons living with disabilities. 




What We're Doing To End Discrimination Against Persons Living with Disabilities.

- We're providing free mobility aids to our CoolKids because 50% of people living with disabilities cannot afford health care (source WeThe15). Learn more about our product model, here


- We're providing free, appropriately fitted wheelchairs (one size does not fit all!) to our CoolKids because only 5 - 15% of the 70 million people in need of a wheelchair do not have access to one (source WeThe15). Learn more about our wheelchairs, here


- We're providing free, continuous care to our CoolKids through the age of 21, giving them the tools they need to access all that mobility brings, including independence and access to education, because 90% of children with disabilities in developing countries do not attend school (source WeThe15). Read stories of some of our CoolKids, here


We're partnering exclusively with programs that staff people with disabilities because 40% of persons with disabilities live below the poverty line (source WeThe15). Read our program requirements, here




What You Can Do To End Discrimination Against Persons Living with Disabilities.

- Follow ALTSO (@ALegToStandOn) on social media to amplify the voices and stories of our CoolKids and WeThe15 (@WeThe15) to stay involved in their campaign updates.


- Change your attitude about disability by making individual strides or asking your (or other!) organizations/companies to become more inclusive in the way they operate and market. 


- Join ALTSO's CoolKids Club with a monthly donation ($25 a month keeps six CoolKids moving a year!) to help us provide free, continuous, mobility care for all of our CoolKids, through the age of 21.


Together we can create a world where everyone feels represented, included, and welcomed - let's get to work!

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