October 7, 2020

A detailed look at ALTSO's Joshi Modular Prosthetic Limb

A prosthetic limb in the United States costs more than $10,000. 1.7 billion people worldwide earn less than $2 a day. It would take a low-income family 5,000 days of income or 50 years of work to afford a $10,000 product. We know that is not okay.

With over a dozen years of experience and thousands of case studies, we were able to gain critical insight into the unmet needs of our patient demographic. Using this analysis, in partnership with P&O specialists and a partner manufacturer in Gujarat, India, we created our very own high-quality, modular prosthetic limb kit, The Joshi (pronounced Joe-she).


Our Joshi is a high-quality, universal modular prosthetic lower limb system designed specifically for use with thermodraping polypropylene sockets - a method most widely used for socket fabrication in the developing world.




Key factors that make The Joshi a suitable alternative to existing technology that is often used in the developing world include the following:


Segmented adjustments - on average, a growing child will require one to three size adjustments annually and periodic repairs and maintenance. Rather than replacing an entire device, each individual component can be replaced as needed. This reduces cost over time, decreases wait times - making the adjustment process more efficient, and helps ensure a child’s mobility is never compromised.


High quality materials - using light-weight and durable, high-grade steel and aluminum for all components, The Joshi’s longevity is sure to stand the test of time. We upcycle all materials - stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum - used to produce 100% of our components creating sustainable products while being environmentally friendly and conscious of our footprint.


The cost - manufacturing The Joshi in-house is a fraction of the cost compared to purchasing modular prosthetic lower limb kit systems from local or international distributors that tend to always include price markups.


For the relatively small investment of $250, you can provide one of our CoolKids with a Joshi prosthetic limb, impact the course of their future, and change their life forever. 



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