April 9, 2021

Subscribe For Impact

We love the convenience of signing up for a service and not having to worry about placing a new order. Oftentimes we don’t think about our subscriptions until we get a push notification that a new order has been placed or until a box shows up at our doorsteps. Earlier this month I moved from New York City to Austin and had to make a list of things to update, amongst this list was updating all of my subscriptions. I quickly realized two things: 1) I subscribe to way too many things and 2) subscriptions can be really impactful, especially for nonprofits like ALTSO. 


A few months back I signed up for a recurring $25 monthly donation to ALTSO, and within two months my subscription alone helped bring mobility to one of our CoolKids by providing them with a prosthetic foot; that is definitely more impactful than my monthly wine subscription and in all honesty, will last way longer too. 


Subscriptions help make our lives easier but why not also use them to make the lives of others easier through the power of mobility. This month we launched our newest NextGen Campaign: No New Friends that aims to recruit peers to the NextGen Club. I encourage you to take inventory of your own subscriptions and look for places were you could reallocate funds; whether it is switching to a Spotify Family Plan shared amongst your roommates or taking the cash you save by using your neighbor’s ex-boyfriend’s Netflix account and applying it towards an ALTSO recurring donation and joining the NextGen Club. 




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