July 23, 2020

Partnering With Mobility+Designed To Provide Crutches to Kids

Earlier this year we were thrilled to launch a partnership with Mobility+Designed, a midwest company that designed innovative forearm crutches to relieve the pain and pressure caused by traditional crutches.  Thanks to our partnership we will be able to meet the ongoing needs of our programs and deliver these revolutionary crutches to our CoolKids. 


Founders of M+D, Max and Liliana Younger, talked about their passion for our partnership in a recent news letter.

We realized that the M+D crutch is positively changing people’s lives and we want to bring the M+D Crutch to people in all corners of the globe.  

Unfortunately, in many impoverished parts of the world, innovative and high-quality medical devices can be out of reach.

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We are excited to launch this partnership with ALTSO and we cannot wait to bring M+D Crutches to “Cool Kids” everywhere.

-- Mobility Designed Founders, Liliana & Max

How forearm crutches can ease pain and pressure caused by traditional underarm crutches.

For a child with a permanent or long term disability who would otherwise only have access to underarm crutches, the M+D crutch can be a game changer. Traditional temporary underarm crutches can cause painful sores, excessive pressure on joints, and can lead to misalignment creating additional health concerns when used long term. 


Our partnership will allow us to provide our CoolKids with their crutches at a cost to ALTSO of only $60 per pair -- allowing us to reach more children in need. M+D has also generously committed to covering the logistics and costs associated with shipping directly to our programs around the world.


Help us provide a pair today to change the life of an ALTSO CoolKid.


Give a Pair of Crutches

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