October 8, 2020

Meet the Band. Pete Muller & The Kindred Souls.

Every year across the country our Rocktoberfest musicians Rock For Good to raise awareness - and critical funds - for our CoolKids. From now until October 22nd, we'll be highlighting the musicians who will be rocking virtually with us at this year's Rocktoberfest.


Up Next: Pete Muller & The Kindred Souls featuring Pete Muller, Melissa Soltero, John Whooley, and Martha McDonnell.


How long has Pete Muller & The Kindred Souls been supporting ALTSO?

For a long time. Pete played with the Subscribers, the first ALTSO band.

How did the band get started? What's the story behind the name?

The Kindred Souls is a quartet featuring Pete, Missy Soltero, John Whooley, and Martha McDonnell, and is a pared-down, more acoustic version of Pete’s larger band. The name comes from a song on Pete’s third album, “Two Truths and a Lie,” but also refers to the friendship and connection between the band members, which comes through in the music and vocal harmonies.  Everyone sings and plays an instrument.

How did you get involved with ALTSO? What does ALTSO mean to the band?

We all love the work ALTSO is doing and are impressed by how a small amount of money can make such a huge difference to a child’s life.

What is your favorite song to perform?

Whatever one we are playing at the moment. We always seem to get a good reaction when we bring out “Not Your Man” from the last record.

What is your favorite venue to perform at?

Tough to choose!  Joe’s Pub in NYC. Outdoor festivals, like Montreux or Telluride. Small venues like 20 Front Street or 7 Steps Up in Michigan.

What band(s) do you emulate/channel/admire?

Bruce Springsteen, Shawn Colvin, Coldplay, Estradasphere, Hot Rize, Kacey Musgraves and countless others.


You can RockForGood with Pete Muller & The Kindred Souls at our first Virtual Rocktoberfest on October 22nd.  Make a donation in their honor here.
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