December 5, 2023

Meet Samantha

Mobility provides more than immediate treatment; it gives dignity, sparks confidence, and changes the course of their future -- just like 11 year old Samantha. Samantha lives in Uganda and your support this year provided her with her first Joshi prosthetic limb! Soon after that first treatment, we received a special note from her. Thank you for transforming the lives of our CoolKids like Samantha. 


My Name is Samantha.

I am 11 years old.

I thank ALTSO for this offer given to me and my family. Before receiving this leg my mother could hire a bicycle to take me to school. And children there used to laugh at me because I was un able to walk the same way they did. Sometimes I could dodge School by pretending

to be sick. Now from today 13th/5/2022, I can walk without support, I can walk to school.

Long Live ALTSO.

I remain Samantha

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