April 30, 2021

CoolKid Rakib

To celebrate the life-changing difference that mobility makes, and to help more CoolKids like Rakib one day walk and roll, sign up to #MoveForALTSO. 

A baby's first steps are supposed to be a joyous moment that brings excitement for the future.

When that day did not arrive as expected for CoolKid Rakib, his parents were shocked and confused.
They worried for their son's future as they realized that his feet were turning inward making it nearly impossible for him to stand, let alone walk. His parents feared of a difficult life for Rakib, filled with isolation and judgment.

But one fateful day last year, a field worker from our program with Impact Foundation Bangladesh (IFB) noticed young Rakib crawling through a courtyard. The field worker shared that not only could Rakib correct his clubfeet and gain his mobility with the help of orthotic braces, but that treatment could be made available free of cost, thanks to our program.
Rakib's parents, a tailor and homemaker, brought him to IFB that same week.

Four year old Rakib now walks easily and plays with the neighborhood children. He has a long and bright future ahead of him filled with friends, family, school, and simply put - opportunity. 

The day Rakib began walking his parents told us, "This is really the most enjoyable day of our lives."




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