October 1, 2021

CoolKid Kadek

When CoolKid Kadek was in 3rd grade she lost her right foot and ankle in a motorbike accident. For two months after the accident, Kadek stopped attending school while she recovered physically and mentally.

Kadek was determined to not let the accident set her back. Kadek was determined to continue her education, despite her limited and painful mobility.

She attempted to return to school without a prosthetic, hopping or using a crutch to stabilize her movement. Kadek's mobility was extremely limited and daily tasks at school were difficult, oftentimes causing young Kadek to feel embarrassed, and most days completely physically drained.

In 2o17, after visiting one of our programs in Indonesia, Puspadi Bali, Kadek received her first prosthetic limb. Since then, thanks to your continuous support, we've been there to provide Kadek with repairs and adjustments to her prosthesis as she grows.

Now 16 and in High School, Kadek is grateful for her increased and flexible mobility, and the confidence that comes with it.


Provide a CoolKid with a life-changing mobility treatment. Mobility improves self-esteem, provides access to education, future employment, and the chance to live self-sufficiently. One simple treatment will transform the life of a CoolKid and break the cycle of poverty they were born into.

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