July 13, 2020

CoolKid Sulistyo

In May, 2006 a devastating earthquake hit Indonesia. Sulistyo was trapped in the rubble of a collapsed building and lost his leg.


For years his family attempted to save enough money to have him evaluated, but had yet to be able to do so on their below poverty wages. 

Sulistyo with his family in Indonesia

We met Sulistyo in 2011 and fit him with his first prosthetic limb - which would become the first of many. Soon after that initial meeting, Sulistyo began attending school for the first time. 


Sulistyo has been under our care since 2011, enabling him to maintain the mobility necessary to graduate high school with honors.


Now, Sulistyo is studying to become a web developer at university on a full scholarship. Sulistyo’s dream of opening his own business won’t stay a dream much longer. That’s Growing Up ALTSO. 



There are 106 million children living with untreated disabilities in the developing world. 95% cannot afford care, and 90% do not attend school. We are on a mission to change that. Mobility is so much more than movement, it is a human right. Donate a life-changing orthotic brace, prosthetic limb, or appropriately fitted wheelchair.

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