July 13, 2020

CoolKid Sekar

When we met Sekar in 2014, a congenital below-knee amputee, she had never received a prosthetic leg and was homebound, unable to walk independently. Sekar’s younger sister had already far exceeded her both physically and educationally, having been able to walk to school each day. 



After receiving her first prosthetic leg, Sekar was quickly on her feet and ready to take on the world. It didn’t take long before Sekar learned to ride a bike so she could begin attending school. 


The difference mobility made in the life of Sekar and her entire family is undeniable. A CoolKid since 2014, Sekar is happily studying and at the top of her class with dreams of one day becoming a doctor.


Today you can see Sekar proudly rocking her Joshi prosthetic limb with custom prosthetic limb covers made by her mother.

Sekar exudes confidence and hope for the future. We are committed to providing free care to Sekar through her 21st birthday - that’s Growing Up ALTSO.



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