July 13, 2020

CoolKid Razoni

In late 2011, following a nearly 36 hour journey into western Bangladesh filled with countless automobile horns, sweltering heat and traffic beyond any westerner’s comprehension, I met Razoni, a poor girl living in a remote village of Chuadanga, Bangladesh . Despite not having electricity, running water, proper sanitation or even her mobility, Razoni was always smiling, upbeat and positive.


When Razoni was 6-years-old, she stepped off a rickshaw on her way to school and a vehicle struck her from behind causing severe damage to her leg. As a result of the accident, Razoni suffered a below the knee amputation.


Due to the social stigma surrounding disability in Bangladesh and her family’s inability to afford treatment, Razoni was unable to receive any treatment for nearly nine years.


I was immediately intrigued by Razoni and inspired by her resilience. Despite having so many obstacles in front of her at a very young age, she refused to allow her disability to negatively impact her chances of succeeding in a patriarchal society both socially and academically. It was clear that Razoni took every step forward with appreciation and determination and has an incredible future ahead of her.


Meeting Razoni and spending an afternoon with her and her family was a life-changing experience and reminded me just how much impact our work has on our CoolKids.


As we always say, mobility is so much more than movement.


It is in seeing Razoni grow up, determined and confident, that I remember just how true that really is.


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