September 9, 2022

JTFxALTSO Meet Jamawa!

CoolKid Jamawa lost her lower limb in a devastating house fire. After the accident, Jamawa's parents were unable to source the money needed to provide their daughter with the prosthetic limb she needed to regain her mobility.


Without a prosthesis, Jamawa was not able to return to school, or pass the time by playing badminton -- her favorite sport.


Thankfully, Jamawa and her family visited our program in Uganda this June where, thanks to JTF's generous support, Jamawa was fitted and provided with her first prosthetic limb -- our Joshi!


Jamawa told us, "With the new leg I have got I can now play sports and go to school."


We are so thankful that Jamawa has regained her mobility and all the opportunities mobility provides -- access to education, independence, community inclusion, and so much more!


We will provide Jamawa with lasting mobility care through the age of 21, ensuring her mobility and all that it offers is never compromised.

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