March 14, 2022

JTFxALTSO: Meet Alisha!

Alisha, a transtibial congenital amputee, had her first surgery at the young age of only four days. After her surgery, due to the lack of government support and her family's limited income, Alisha was forced to use a non-standard exoskeletal device.


This device provided Alisha with limited mobility, and became less and less suitable as her condition developed and Alisha grew.


Thankfully, Alisha and her family visited our program in Indonesia this February where, thanks to JTF's generous support, Alisha was fitted and provided with her first Joshi prosthetic limb!


Alisha's Joshi will grow with her, ensuring she maintains the mobility she needs to enjoy the fun, worry-free, childhood she deserves filled with active mobility.


Alisha's parents told us that they are very grateful for their daughter's new high-quality prosthetic device as it reduces their stress and worries. They are happy to have found assurance for their daughter's future mobility.


JTF's continual support will ensure Alisha receives lasting mobility care through the age of 21, ensuring Alisha's mobility and all that it offers is never compromised.

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