January 10, 2022

JTF x ALTSO: Meet Nova

In 2017, a then 15 year old Nova was in a truck accident, which lead to the amputation of his limb. Nova, who had once been a thriving student in junior high, had to quit school - as he was no longer able to walk or bike there.


Nova's father, a laborer, and his mother, a tailor, could not afford the prosthetic limb Nova needed to regain his mobility, and his self-sufficiency. For five years, he struggled to walk without the device he needed to do so, interrupting so many important milestones in his young life.


This September, thanks to JTF's generous support, Nova received his first prosthetic limb at our program with Puspadi Bali in Indonesia.


Nova's father is incredibly happy that his son can walk again, and grateful for the impact it has had on so many facets of his life.


With his regained mobility comes independence, and a new hope for the future. Nova can't wait to go back to school, partake in the activities with his friends, and get back on his motorbike - one of his favorite pastimes.



JTF's support will provide essential, continual care to CoolKids supported through our programs - ensuring they maintain the physical capabilities needed to access the life-changing opportunities mobility offers, including education, future employment, and self-sufficiency.

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