December 13, 2021

Ending 2021 With Gratitude



Through the chaos we have all navigated the past two years, we are grateful to our community of change-makers for stepping up to give so many children the free, high-quality treatment needed to walk and roll.  Because of you, we’ve provided nearly 1,000 treatments this year, and have treated more than 20,000 children since 2003.


Despite COVID-related shipping delays and temporary shut-downs, your support allowed us to scale our impact against all odds. 


We doubled down on our commitment to serve the most vulnerable populations with free treatment, while providing the highest quality of care at the most cost-effective manufacturing rates.


To help our CoolKids move more comfortably in their Joshi prosthetics, we improved the quality of our knee joints by switching from local bushings to imported roller bearings in all aluminum joints.  This results in less friction and smoother movement for our young CoolKids, who are always on the move.


To enable our CoolKids to walk further without the pain and risk of long-term damage that traditional crutches cause on their underarms, hands, wrists, shoulders, and back, we partnered with Mobility+Designed (M+D).  By providing M+D’s Combo Stix, we’re relieving unnecessary pain and increasing independence, freedom, and confidence.


To restore mobility and dignity to children, including UXO survivors, in Laos, we supplied our newest program partner, COPE, with World Health Organization certified, appropriately fitted wheelchairs.  While ~70 million people worldwide need a wheelchair for basic mobility, 95% do not have one, limiting their social inclusion and ability to contribute to their community.


For the CoolKids we serve together, mobility is the chance to break the cycle of poverty they were born into, to support their families and their communities, and to leave this world better than they found it. But as one of the only nonprofit organizations committed exclusively to serving children with limb disabilities in the developing world, we have so much further to go.


106 million children live with a disability in the developing world, but 95% cannot afford care and as a result, 90% do not attend school.  One treatment can change everything.


Donate a life-changing mobility treatment for a child whose family cannot afford care, or join the CoolKid Club, where a monthly commitment of $25 keeps 6 children moving a year.  100% of your donation is tax deductible, and makes an immediate and lasting impact.


You can transform the entire course of a child’s life. Thank you for fighting for children you may never meet, but whose lives will change the world.



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