October 25, 2021

CoolKid Xeng

In 2016, while riding his motorbike to school, a then 12 year old Xeng got in an accident, resulting in the amputation of his leg.


His parents, a farmer and mechanic, could not afford the prosthesis Xeng needed to walk. Unable to stand, let alone walk to school, Xeng was distraught. He felt lonely and shy and could not envision a future for himself.


Five years later, we provided Xeng with his first prosthetic limb -- our Joshi. 17 year old Xeng is back in school with sights confidently set on becoming a dentist. Mobility is more than movement. The ability to see yourself in whoever you want to be and to follow your dreams - whether it be dentist or rockstar - starts with the ability to move.


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“Now I can go to school by myself and I can help my mother to do farming and feeding chicken. My family is very happy that I can do everything by myself... I can walk and move around very comfortable, I can play sport with my friend and I feel more confident.” -- CoolKid Xeng

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