July 26, 2021

CoolKid Vinit

This July is Disability Pride Month. We are on a mission to provide cool, high-quality, custom fit mobility devices that empower and uplift our CoolKids. 


We know having a limb disability is hard. That's why we provide unique mobility solutions that improve self esteem, and confidence, for CoolKids like Vinit.


CoolKid Vinit, who was born with a congenital limb deficiency, had his right leg amputated as a baby. As a young child Vinit received prosthetic limbs from a local nonprofit in his community.


Sadly, these prosthetic limbs were heavy, making it difficult for an active Vinit to channel his energy into the sports he loved so much. Dejected and embarrassed, Vinit would have to sit on the sidelines, or face painful and limited mobility.


Last year, Vinit visited our program with GetBak where we provided him with his first modular prosthetic limb - our Joshi.


Composed of lightweight, high-quality, cold-worked aluminum, our Joshi's pylons are lighter and stronger than conventional pylons, making it ideal for active CoolKids just like Vinit.


Now Vinit plays cricket and football, confident in the way he looks and who he is. From sidelines to star player, thanks to our Joshi prosthetic limb and your help. 



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