May 4, 2023

CoolKid Sreynich

 Thanks to your support, five year old Sreynich received her first prosthetic limb at our program with Exceed in Cambodia! Here is what Sreynich's mother said:

What was life like for Sreynich before she received her prosthetic limb?
"She was difficulty to walk , I had carried my child all the time when she wanted to go somewhere She just 5 years old not yet attending the school."

What are you most excited for thanks to Sreynich's newfound mobility?
"I felt very happy due to my child can walk independently with a first device...I will send my child to school after using this device and when she grows up to 6 years old."

What kind of future do you now envision for Sreynich?
"My child will able to walk everywhere without kneeling or carry her as before, she may join social, attend a school playing with other children. I and my husband so happy and thanks to Exceed and all staff who usually take care of my child...After receiving this device for my child walking, i expect that in the future my child will be finished school and have a proper job relating to computer."

On behalf of our CoolKids, and their families, thank you for changing lives.
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