June 16, 2022

CoolKid Rizky

This spring 21 year old Rizky, who has has been a CoolKid since 2016, received a new Joshi prosthetic limb!



When we spoke to Rizky in 2020 about his dreams for the future he told us, "I love drawing and designing as I can express myself in a work of art...I believe in my abilities because of the works that I produce."




We're proud to share that your generosity and loyalty has carried Rizky through high school and college. Having just received a degree in graphic design, Rizky is now working as a freelance digital designer!


Your support provided Rizky with the adjustments and repairs his Joshi prosthetic limb needed as he grew, ensuring his mobility was never comprised -- and allowing Rizky to focus on completing his education. We can't wait to see what Rizky accomplishes next!




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