April 12, 2021

CoolKid Rhiana

Early this year, a product shipment arrived at our program with CoRSU in Uganda. Thanks to the generous support of Arthur B. Schultz Foundation, the shipment included 34 appropriately fitted wheelchairs, as well as components for Joshi prosthetic limbs, thanks to your generous support.


Three year old Rihana was the recipient of a full Joshi prosthetic limb. Rihana had her leg amputated as a baby but her parents, a homemaker and driver, were unable to afford the 5,000,000 Uganda shillings (over $1,000 USD) it would cost to buy a single prosthetic leg for their daughter.

Rihana's mother told us, "I want to thank all the donors for their support. Without you, Rihana would be in a terrible situation because she cannot move without the support of other people and siblings. She is loved by her siblings but they [get] too tired carrying her.”

Thanks to your support, Rihana now has a prosthetic leg so she can walk to school, play with her friends and siblings, and simply be a kid.


Mobility is more than movement - it's a human right!



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