May 16, 2022

CoolKid Resham

CoolKid Resham lives in an incredibly remote area of Nepal. His parents work a variety of jobs - household, farming, fishing - anything to support their meager income.

Unfortunately, while fishing last year, Resham had an accident that let to the amputation of his leg. Resham's parents could not afford to buy their son a prosthesis on their limited income. And with no healthcare to cover costs, Resham was forced to continue onwards without a prosthetic.

Resham encountered daily difficulties with his limited mobility simply trying to follow his pre-accident routine, leading to frustration, disappointment, and anger. Resham also struggled to face his friends and go out in public - embarrassed by his new disability, he felt isolated and ashamed. Unfortunately, these are all common feelings felt around the world by children living with an untreated disability

Luckily last year, thanks to our program's outreach efforts and your generous support, Resham received his first prosthetic limb at our program with Hope Disability Centre!

Resham now walks easily and comfortably.  His smile in the above photo speaks for itself. Resham is incredibly grateful for his prosthetic and is looking forward to getting back to the activities he loves .

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