November 25, 2020

CoolKid Oliver

At seven years old Oliver fell off a tree while playing with her friends. Oliver's grandmother quickly brought her to a local bonesetter, who sought to manage her injury. Unfortunately this was only a temporary solution.

Six years passed, during which Oliver's pain only worsened. Oliver remained unable to play with her friends, her physical movement severely limited, and painful, due to her injury and lack of appropriate care.

Oliver_Kajumba_Oct2020_1 (1)

Luckily, in 2020 Oliver's family learned of our program with CoRSU in Uganda. Oliver, now 13 years old, was brought in for a referral where she was properly diagnosed and provided with a course of action. A successful triple arthrodesis surgery was performed and Oliver was fitted with an ankle foot orthosis (AFO) to keep her foot in position as it healed.

Inspired by her regained mobility, Oliver wants to become a nurse so she too can treat other children living with disabilities.


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