February 21, 2023

CoolKid Namini

Born with a congenital disability, living in poverty, and suffering discrimination, Namini faced a bleak future without the opportunity mobility affords.

This all changed when Namini received her first prosthetic limb, and with it, independence and renewed hope for the future. Since 2015, Namini has received the free care she needs to maintain her mobility at our program with Puspadi Bali in Indonesia.

This continuous support has allowed Namini to focus on her education. Bright and focused, Namini graduated first (!) in her high school class. With her eyes set on the future Namini continued her education and graduated last year with a University Degree in English -- defying the odds.

Now 22, Namini is a fully self-sufficient woman working full-time at an advertising firm. Thanks to Namini's first-hand experience of the life-changing difference mobility and access to education has, her dream is to build a school for children living with disabilities.

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