June 23, 2021

JTF x ALTSO: Meet Latifa

Meet Latifa, a CoolKid kid in Uganda who just received her first prosthetic limb, thanks to our partnership with Jordan Thomas Foundation (JTF).


17 year old Latifa was born with a disability, causing her left leg to be shorter than her right. A below the knee amputation was performed when she was 12 years old.


Latifa's mother, Lovinsa, a farmer and single mother, was unable to afford the prosthetic Latifa needed after her amputation, let alone the follow up treatment and costs that would incur as she grew. Lovinsa felt terrible knowing that life for her daughter without a prosthetic leg would be difficult.


Without a prosthetic limb, Latifa was dependent on her mother for support. Latifa would sometimes walk using a single crutch, but faced limited and painful mobility. She was left out of games and struggled to make friends.


In 2021, five years after her amputation and thanks to our partnership with JTF, Latifa received her first prosthetic limb at our program with CoRSU in Uganda. Our Joshi's high-quality modern components enable Latifa to walk comfortably and confidently.


Latifa is in High School with dreams of becoming a doctor to help children living with disabilities. A bonus for her mother: Latifa, the second oldest of seven, can now help with chores around the house!


JTF's support will provide essential, continual care to CoolKids supported through our programs - ensuring they maintain the physical capabilities needed to access the life-changing opportunities mobility offers, including education, future employment, and self-sufficiency.

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