December 16, 2020

Polypropylene. As unique as every CoolKid.

Polyproplyene - Sourced Locally and Internationally

We provide our programs with orthopedic-grade polypropylene sheets for fabricating both prosthetic limb sockets, and orthotic braces. Sourced locally and internationally, we prioritize providing polypropylene that comes in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and skin-tone options - including white, olive-brown, and terra-brown.


Pictured: A CoolKid rocking his Joshi prosthetic limb paired with a white prosthetic limb socket



Pictured: A CoolKid rocking his Joshi prosthetic limb paired with an olive-brown  limb socket


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Pictured: A CoolKid rocking his Joshi prosthetic limb paired with a terra-brown prosthetic limb socket


By providing our programs with these choices, they are able to ensure that the right customization is used for every CoolKid treatment. It is important that each product be able to withstand the terrains and climates our CoolKids live in. Their devices provide improved durability, comfort, aesthetic, and ultimately, quality of life. 


Providing Custom Orthotics and Prosthetics to Children in Uganda

Four years ago, CoolKid Jotham woke up with swelling in his leg from an unidentified source. His family brought him to a local herbalist where they were able to temporarily manage the swelling, but Jotham’s condition eventually returned and grew worse. Jotham was eventually taken to CoRSU where he was diagnosed with a bone infection. An amputation was the only option to save his life. 


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After the amputation, Jotham became reserved and isolated. Embarrassed by his condition, he barely interacted with others, even his family. This year, thanks to your support, Jotham received his first Joshi prosthetic limb paired with a terra-brown stump.


Now not only is Jotham able to walk, he is confident and excited - eager to play football once again with his peers. That's the difference that mobility makes. 



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