January 13, 2021

CoolKid Bovriak

Meet 4 year old CoolKid Bovirak. In 2019, while traveling with his parents in Cambodia, a motorcycle struck their motorbike causing them to crash. In order to save Bovriak's life, doctors had no choice but to amputate his left leg. 


Bovriak's mother, now a widow, was unable to afford a prosthesis with her garment factory wages. Without a prosthesis, Bovriak was confined to the house, unable to walk, go to school, or play with his friends..


Luckily, five months after his accident, Bovriak's mother learned of our program with Exceed and brought him in for a consultation. Bovriak was fit with his very first prosthetic limb - our Joshi. Within a day of gait training, Bovirak was not only able to walk, but to run, jump, and play.


“I am very happy to see my son walk. I thought it would take him months to walk. I would like to thank to Exceed organization and ALTSO for the components for my son. I could not thank enough for your assistance and donation. This made me feel gaining hope again about my son’s future. I will send him to school when it opens." - Bovriak's Mother


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