December 30, 2020

CoolKid Bhuwan

CoolKid Bhuwan lives with his family in a remote area of Nepal where ALTSO has operated a program for nearly a decade. As most roads are in bad condition, and not safe enough for vehicles, walking is the main form of transportation. Bhuwan, who has been unable to move independently since birth, must rely on his parents to carry him.


Their longest daily journey is the one they make to and from Bhuwan's school. This trip has become increasingly difficult as Bhuwan's father ages.


Luckily, this past year Bhuwan's parents learned of our program with Hope Disability Centre, where Bhuwan received his very first appropriately fitted wheelchair.

For the first time in his young life, Bhuwan is able to move independently. He can navigate the rugged roads from his home to his school, independently and with dignity. He looks forward to one day soon being able to help his parents but for now, can enjoy simply being a kid.

Bhuwan's parents are so thankful for the assistance, and feel comforted knowing Bhuwan's education is no longer in jeopardy. The time they took in carrying Bhuwan to and from school can now be spent working to continue strengthening their family's future.


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Members of the CoolKids Club are committed, passionate individuals who invest in the next generation by improving the lives of our CoolKids. Commit to a monthly donation of any amount to join the CoolKids Club and help us provide continuous care to CoolKids like Bhuwan. Just $25 a month keeps 6 CoolKids moving a year.

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