December 2, 2020

Our Joshi. Growing Pains Not Included.

Devoted to the Details 

As quickly as a child outgrows a pair of shoes, our CoolKids outgrow their prosthetic limbs. That’s why we made our Joshi modular prosthetic limb kit. Its modular design is made of three separate components: 

Knee Joint - made of durable stainless steel the joint is made to be used for years without any wear and tear
Shin Pylon - using lightweight, high-quality aluminum, this pylon makes the Joshi much lighter than alternative limbs making it ideal for pediatrics
Prosthetic Foot -  we offer a number of different feet ranging in size, color, and weight to find the right match for each child


These modular components also mean that each piece can be swapped out, adjusted, or repaired, quickly and easily as our CoolKids grow. This unique feature supports our commitment to providing continuous care to every single child we treat through the age of 21.  


Providing Prosthetic Limbs to Children in Yakkum, Indonesia
Meet CoolKid Annas. Since 2015 we have been treating him at our program in Yakkum, Indonesia. At a young age Annas was hit by a garbage truck near his home, ultimately causing him to lose his right leg above the knee.




When we first met Annas and provided him with his first prosthetic limb. As a CoolKid in the midst of a growth spurt - like so many children around his age - Annas frequently visits our program for quick adjustments to his Joshi to accommodate his height and weight and to correct his gait. Continual treatments ensure that he can continue his education at the local school he walks to every day and allows him to go fishing with his friends and family - his favorite activity.

Thanks to the details, that's Growing Up ALTSO.
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