May 7, 2021

Be Remarkable, Make a Difference!

Be Remarkable, Make a Difference! That is my personal signature quote used in all my emails. It is also how I feel about ALTSO and our CoolKids. I joined ALTSO almost 10 years ago and help oversee multiple events from Rocktoberfest, SweatForALTSO and most recently Silent Auction. I am passionate about ALTSO and the phenomenal work the team does to make meaningful and positive impacts to our CoolKids' lives.


Mobility is more than just movement. It is the bigger picture of providing our CoolKids confidence, self-esteem and freedom to grow and thrive. Also for our CoolKids to get an education, learn and then be able to work and contribute back to their families and local communities. Thus making a difference in society, breaking the poverty cycle and any stigma of disability.


#MoveForALTSO challenge is a great way for my family, friends and teammates to participate together while practicing social distancing. It promotes us to move physically, create friendly competition and most importantly aligns our values to support an important cause.


I hope this small act will bring awareness to others to join #MoveForALTSO and help our CoolKids to be remarkable! One step at a time. :) 


A message to our CoolKids:

Thank you to all the #ALTSO #CoolKids for dreaming big, fighting strong, and having amazing hearts. You are not another statistic but phenomenal human beings ready to show the world your greatness. Sky is not the limit - only the beginning!

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