October 21, 2020

ALTSO's Rocktoberfest for the Win / Win / Win

2020 marks eight years that I have been involved with the ALTSO Rocktoberfest in Chicago and it has been everything that I thought it would be when I first said “yes” to joining the committee. It’s been a win / win / win every step of the way. 


I had friends and family that participated in the original, New York version of Rocktoberfest so it didn’t take a lot of persuading to get me on board. The ALTSO mission of bringing mobility to children in the developing world, and doing so in a way that leads them into adulthood, is so compelling. I love that the organization works with a minimum of overhead, allowing the maximum financial bang for the buck in terms of people served. At more than 18,000 lives changed to date, what ALTSO has accomplished is truly amazing. That is the first win.


The second win is the chance to connect with the financial industry colleagues and companies that I have been part of for what is now the start of my fifth decade. While it’s true that financial services is by and large a numbers game, it’s also true that the men and women who drive the industry are also incredibly talented and accomplished in many other ways. ALTSO Rocktoberfest gives us all a chance to express our passion and commitment in a unique and fun way.


Speaking of fun, that’s the third win. Rocktoberfest is a blast and the fact that it’s centered around music is so important to me. I love music and having the chance to spend an evening with music created by your friends and peers is a blast that can’t be replicated! I got up and sang backup a couple of times over the years but last year was the first time I took to the stage as Matt Scharpf, Mike Dennis and I did a set on the acoustic stage. (We did a number for Virtual Rocktoberfest this year as well and are SO looking forward to being back on stage in 2021!)  


I’d like to let you in on one little secret: it’s the fun of Rocktoberfest that I use as a secret weapon to recruit new committee members. The marketing agency owner or exchange executive that is ripping up the dance floor until the last chorus is sung is a prime candidate to help us grow and evolve the next year! 


It’s that combination of win / win / win that makes ALTSO Rocktoberfest so unique and such a force for great things. Just thinking about it makes me smile!

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