September 1, 2020

ALTSO Ambassador Q&A: Greg Winterton

We sat down with Greg Winterton - long time advocate of ALTSO's CoolKids, UK Committee member, and founder of AlphaWeek to discuss his motivations for becoming a mobility and CoolKid advocate. 


How did you get involved with ALTSO?

I got involved with A Leg To Stand On purely by chance. It was 2009, and I was living and working in New York at the division of Thomson Reuters that is now Refinitiv. The group I worked in published trade publications and produced conferences for the hedge fund, private equity, and venture capital industries.


Gabrielle Guttman, one of ALTSO’s committee members, approached me to ask if we would be willing to advertise the event on our websites and in our email newsletters to help spread the word. Naturally, we were happy to help and ALTSO were kind enough to offer me a ticket to attend Rocktoberfest New York in the autumn of that year.


What was your first experience of Rocktoberfest like?

As one would expect, the event was terrific, and the bands played at a very high level. What struck me the most that night, however - and what I remember more than anything - was a conversation with Gabrielle during one of the band changeovers when she told me that it costs only USD$250 to provide a prosthesis to a child. I couldn’t believe how inexpensive it was to provide something so impactful for people who, unfortunately, aren’t in a position to help themselves.


A powerful message that we hope all of our Rocktoberfest guests take away. How did this message resonate and inspire you post the event buzz?

I made it a point to learn more about ALTSO and the work it does in the weeks and months after my first Rocktoberfest. Children supported by ALTSO live an average of 3 miles away from their nearest school and suffer from a lack of infrastructure to get them to school. Education is often cited as one of the, if not the, most important factors affecting the prospects for success later in life of a young person, so if they can’t walk, they don’t go to school and they don’t get an education, condemning them to a lifetime of struggle.


You hit the nail on the head for why ALTSO's mobility solutions really are life-changing. 

Discovering this reality became the catalyst for me wanting to become significantly more involved with ALTSO and I’m honoured to say that I’m now on the U.K. committee, something that I consider a privilege.


And we could not be happier or more honored to have your support! Now - give us your best donation pitch.

Not only does it cost just $250 to fit a child with a prosthesis, it costs only $1,000 to support that child for one year (children supported by ALTSO require new prostheses as they grow). ALTSO has helped more than 18,000 children in developing countries since its formation; its impact on those it helps is literally life changing. 


At the time of speaking, we’re in the middle of the Covid-19 global pandemic. ALTSO’s ‘CoolKids’ – our nickname for the amazing children we support – need help now more than ever. Not only do we still need to provide prosthetic limbs to children in need, but the on-the-ground programs that ALTSO partners with now need Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure that both their staff and our CoolKids are protected from the pandemic.


What would you say to someone who might be interested in getting involved with ALTSO? 

Do it! You can support ALTSO’s work with your time, or money – ideally both! – and there are many ways to get involved, whether you're in the United States or in the U.K. By supporting ALTSO, you'll be making a real difference to the lives of young people who otherwise will face a lifetime of adversity.


Thank you so much Greg.


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