November 16, 2022

5 Ways to Make a Difference This Giving Tuesday

Happy Giving Season! Each year we are reminded of the immense kindness and generosity of our global community. Thank you for helping us to provide independence, education, hope and so much more than movement to over 21,000 CoolKids around the globe. 

Giving Tuesday this year is Tuesday, November 29th. Make a plan now to decide how you want to spend this day of global generosity. Here are five ways you can support ALTSO this Giving Tuesday (and throughout the holiday season!):

  1. Share, like, or comment on any of our posts on social media (Follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook if you haven't already. 
  2. Post your own social media post and tell your family and friends why you're supporting ALTSO and our CoolKids. 
  3. Start your own campaign. Set an impact goal, choose an activity, and get started!
  4. Make a one time donation to bring a mobility treatment to a child in need. You can donate a M+D Crutch, an orthotic brace, prosthetic limb, or an appropriately fitted wheelchair. 
  5. Join the CoolKids Club with a monthly donation to keep our CoolKids moving 365 days a year.
No matter how you choose to support ALTSO (there's no wrong way!) thank you. While our work is just beginning, thanks to you we have never been more confident in tomorrow. 
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