January 21, 2021

5 Reasons Why You Should Join a Young Professionals Network

1. Networking


No matter which profession you choose, one of your most important resources is your network. By joining a group of other young professionals, you never know who might become your new friend, workout buddy, or business partner.


2. Professional Development


Joining a YPN not only provides you with opportunities to utilize the professional skills you already possess, but also continue to hone them and learn new skills. Through events and other educational channels, you’ll have access to learning opportunities on a regular basis.


3. Personal Development


Collaborating with other motivated, young professionals can also expose you to new ideas and perspectives outside of the office. Additionally, volunteer, project-based work can provide you with an outlet to flex your creative muscles or skills you’re looking to work on.


4. Having Fun


In a virtual world, fun looks a bit different these days, but virtual or not YPOs are also centered around having a great time. Whether it’s virtual trivia or an in-person happy hour, winding down with your fellow members is a big component of membership.


5. Making a Difference


The range and type of impact varies from YPO to YPO, but when it comes to joining an organization linked to Non-Profit work, you know that your investment is making a big difference in others’ lives. 


Have you heard about ALTSO’s NextGen Club yet? We’re a group of rising professionals filled with passion for advocacy and change. Our goal is to unite with other young professionals while supporting A Leg to Stand On’s mission.

While we’re always open to new members, 2021 enrollment is here! To learn more, visit our website, or reach out at NextGenerationClub@altso.org


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